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Ross Racing Oil Catch Can (OCC) Brace

Ross Racing Oil Catch Can (OCC) Brace

For everyone that owns a B58 powered vehicle, we all know that our engine bay is very tight! This makes it very hard to design an oil catch can (OCC) brace but Ross Racing has come up with a solution that will help a lot of people! 


There will be two (2) versions of the OCC brace; Brace1(B1) will fit the Stock/Hybrid/BigBoost bottom mount turbo and Brace2 (B2) will fit the Top Mount and the various BigBoost turbo kits. Keep in mind, for the B2 OCC brace to work with a BigBoost setup, you will need to run a stubby filter (filter directly attached to turbo's inlet).


With that being said, for the individuals that have a turbo style that is supported, I have designed a brace that may make things a whole lot easier for you! The Oil Catch Can (OCC) I am using is a generic AN10 OCC with a breather design (VTA) but that is because I know it works and see no need to reinvent the wheel when there are a lot of other guys already doing it.


If you have not already guessed it, the 2 Port Combo is targeted towards the individuals that already own a PCV Delete kit from the "other guys" and are tired of running VTA only. The biggest reason why I do not include any fittings is because for my kit, I use nylon braided rubber hoses, but the others use basic unprotected rubber hoses and the fittings I use are not compatible with plain rubber hoses.


Good thing is, the fittings that are required are going to be AN10s and the degree bend will either be 90, 120, or straight, which are very easy to find online.


OCC Brace will NOT fit Eventuri Intakes! If you have an Eventuri Intake, you will be limited to the VTA kit only!



  • Are any modifications required?
    • Nope! this part is 100% Plug n' Play. 


  • What tools are required to install this kit?
    • A ratchet and a 13mm socket. This will stay the same for both braces.


  • What vehicles are compatible with the Ross Racing OCC Brace?
    • The only vehicles compatible with the Ross R. OCC Brace are first gen (Gen1) F-Chassis B58 vehicles. G-Chassis vehicles are NOT compatible.


What's included:

  1. Ross Racing Custom OCC Supporting Brace (V1 or V2)
  2. VTA Oil Catch Can (either 2 Port or 3 Port)
  3. Bolts, Washers, & Locking Nuts (if OCC combo is purchased)
  4. 1-Year Warranty
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