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Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter

Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter

**The Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter has been designed to be a snug fit to prevent any fumes from escaping the OCC. Greasing/lubing the o-rings before install is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED!**


**Removing the Ross Racing OCC Brace from its mounting spot will also be REQUIRED so that you can get enough leverage without bending the brace. Once the o-rings have been properly greased, slide on the Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter onto the OCC and keep turning it side to side to help it properly slide down. Turn it to your desired direction and then install set screws. Route supplied hose to bottom of car and then install the hose to the OCC Breather Adapter.**


I introduce to you the newest product from Ross Racing!


Here is the Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter for the Ross Racing PCV Delete OCC Kit.


I know a few people have mentioned that with where the breather filter is located, they can sometimes smell the fumes through the vents with the air on. This little piece will fix that!


VTA hose benefit (hoses being ran under car for no smell) combined with the benefits of an OCC!


Under all conditions, if the hose is routed under the car properly, there is absolutely zero cabin smell!


On a side note, sorry for the delay in addressing this. I don't drive my car as much in the winter so it did not really occur to me, but I don't want anyone to feel like there is a trade off when running my kit so hopefully this will address all of that.



  • Can I run this with a VTA (hose only) PCV Delete kit?
    • No, you cannot. This item was created specifically for the OCC.


  • Do I need to grease/lubricate the O-Rings?
    • Yes! Greasing/lubing the O-Rings are required for this to fit properly. You can use silicone grease, motor oil, or any other silicone safe lubricant. This was designed to be a perfect fit to prevent fume leakage so lubing the O-Rings are the only way to ensure a proper fit.


  • Will this vent as well as the original breather filter?
    • Yes! There will be no drawbacks to running this over the breather because it will vent just as well! Biggest benefit is that you will now be able to control where the crankcase fumes go.


What's included:

  1. Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter (OPTIONAL)
  2. Braided Hose w/ Fitting - 5 Feet Long (OPTIONAL)
  3. M4 Set Screws (4)
  4. M4 Allen (Hex) Key
  5. 1 Year Warranty
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