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Ross Racing BM3 Wireless Agent Power Add-On V2

Ross Racing BM3 Wireless Agent Power Add-On V2

For install guide, click here


For the guys that still use a BM3 Wireless Agent or have it just sitting around and want to find some use for it, here you go!


My Power Add-On was the first to wire a power converter internally and since it's first revision in November 2019, I have not had one single complaint or failure. My BMW ENET OBDII Power Add-On allows you to tap into the OBDII port to power the Raspberry Pi (BM3 Wireless Agent) through its pinouts instead of having to use the USB port.


V2 will act the same as V1 but with the addition of a power switch wired in. This switch allows you to turn off the Agent even while it is plugged into your OBDII port so you will never have to worry about battery drainage.


What's Included:

  1. Modified OBDII ENET Power Add-On V2
  2. 6" Ethernet Cable
  3. Adhesive Strip
  4. Instructions
  5. 90-Day Warranty
$54.95 Regular Price
$34.95Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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