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Ross Racing N55/S55 Billet PCV Breather - V1

Ross Racing N55/S55 Billet PCV Breather - V1

**Cross thread damage is not covered by warranty. Threads are tested before shipment to ensure threads are correct.**


For install guide, click HERE - Please follow instructions and YouTube guide perfectly! If too much plastic is removed from the PCV Housing, the breather cap will not fit properly and could leak! If you are not comfortable with the install, bring it to a shop!


Introducing the Ross Racing N55/S55 PCV Breather Kit! First of its kind and similar to the B58 PCV Breather Kit, this is fully reversible if installed properly!


A OCC Combo has finally been released! As of now, the OCC Combo will only be available for N55 F Chassis (F2X & F3X Models ONLY) but I am working to expand on this lineup in the near future. For all other N55/S55 Vehicles, it will only be available as a VTA "Hose Only" kit. OCC Brace is NOT comptible with Strut Tower Braces!


In my PCV Delete Cap I have implemented a slot for an O-ring that will properly seal the cap so you never have to worry about creating your own seal with RTV Gasket Maker.. I have also implemented three (3) O-rings on the head port plug section that will help to  prevent a vacuum leak.


For individuals running higher boost and experiencing oil in their intake piping or even chargepipe, this is the fix for you! The Ross Racing PCV Delete kit will essentially plug the headports and route the hoses to either under your car for a VTA setup or to a VTA Oil Catch Can (OCC) using the Ross Racing Custom Catch Can Brace.



  • Can I run this even if I am stock?
    • Yes, you can. The Ross Racing PCV Delete will not trigger an CELs or cause any negative effects!


  • What does the VTA "Hose-Only" Kit include?
    • The VTA “Hose Only” Kit will include all necessary fittings as well as hoses that run to the bottom of your vehicle.


  • Are any modifications required for this kit to work?
    • Yes, but very slight. You will need to cut and peel away your old PCV cap but beyond that, my kit is 100% reversible!


  • What tools are required to install this kit?
    • A Dremel, diamond cutting blade, heat gun, flat head screwdriver, and pliers will be highly recommended for removal of your plastic cap. on the actual install of my PCV Breather Cap, an M4 (2mm) allen key (included) for the set screws & an AN wrench for the fittings are highly recommended but not included.


  • What happens to the Crankcase Ventilation Hose?
    • In my kit I provide a high temp silicone cap to cap off the opening on the hose.


  • Will there be any smell?
    • Naturally because you are now converting a sealed area to a VTA area, there will be a new smell, but, like a catless DP smell, you will more than likely get use to it.


  • Will I pass Emissions?
    • This kit will not trigger a CEL but it is still recommended for Off-Road Use Only.


  • Will my engine cover still fit?
    • No. Due to the banjo fitting and hoses, this PCV Delete setup will sit too high to still fit the engine cover.


  • What vehicles are compatible with the Ross Racing Billet PCV Cap?
    • The only cars compatible with the N55 Ross Racing Billet PCV Cap are any N55 (PWG or EWG) and S55 vehicles. This will include all E-Chassis BMWs between the model years of 2007-2011 as well as F-Chassis BMWs between the model years of 2012-2019.


What's included:

  • N55/S55 PCV Breather Cap
  • Ross Racing OCC & OCC Brace (OPTIONAL)
  • Ross Racing OCC Breather Adapter (OPTIONAL)
  • Ross Racing Custom PCV Adapter Fitting
  • Ross Racing AN Fittings
  • Ross Racing Banjo Fitting
  • Ross Racing Nylon Braided Hoses (Not just basic rubber hoses!)
  • PCV Breather Hose Plug
  • M4 Set Screws (2)
  • M4 Allen Key
  • 1-Year Warranty
PriceFrom $299.95
Sales Tax Included
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